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Silver Shore is an Award Winning Architectural Hardware consultant and project solution supplier to some of the biggest names in Property Development.


We are solution providers advising clients on the most appropriate and technically viable Architectural Hardware solutions to suit their projects specific needs.


When it comes to your project specific Architectural Hardware requirements, Silver Shore is your strategic partner.
We believe in developing and investing in long term client relationships.
Our team of qualified Architectural Hardware consultants are certified by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers in the UK and products offered are certified and accredited by third party certification bodies.

An Architectural Hardware
Project Solution Provider.

Our team is internationally certified by globally recognized institutes to provide consultancy services on project specific Architectural Hardware requirements based on industry standards and practices.

Silver Shore is the exclusive distributor for

Visit the EuroleverTM Architectural Hardware website for a comprehensive product overview:

Held at Ironmongers Hall, Barbican in London in 30th of March 2011, the award was befitting to a long established name in the Architectural Ironmongery industry.

In 2012, Silver Shore submitted four executed projects for evaluation and assessment by a joint GAI/ RIBA judging committee, The Central Markets project in Abu Dhabi, The Index Building at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Tornado Tower in Qatar and The Ritz Carlton at DIFC. These four projects were amongst numerous international projects submitted by various well known names within the Architectural Ironmongery Industry competing for the GAI/RIBA awards.

The Central Markets project was the Grand Trophy winner in recognition of the Best Architectural Ironmongery Specification Internationally, whilst The Index Building at DIFC was highly recommended winning second place. The Tornado Tower in Qatar was worthy contender and shortlisted by the judging committee.

Commenting on the award, Sami Asad, Chief Executive Officer of Al Dar, said: "I am delighted that Silver Shore has been recognized for their work at our Central Market development in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It was essential that all materials incorporated into this project were representative of the historical importance of the site and the city's contemporary Arab Culture. I am pleased to say that Silver Shore was able to deliver this in their normal exemplary way.

The CEO of Silver Shore, Nadim E. Bathiche expressed his delight: "This is a great day for Silver Shore. We have been judged by our peers and colleagues in the Architectural Ironmongery Industry. The Silver Shore team is grateful for the recognition. Our dedication to providing a professional service and a quality product through Eurolever Architectural Hardware has proven to be correct path forward".

In line with our vision to encourage the up keep of international standards within the Architectural Hardware Industry, Silver Shore sponsored this year??�s, 2013 GAI/ RIBA Architectural Ironmongery specification awards in the winner of winners category for "Best Architectural Ironmongery Specifications".


A proud Full Member of Guild of Architectural Ironmongers. An industry compliance body.

Accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and registered by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for ISO9001

Silver Shore awarded on the 30th of March 2011 at a lunch held at Barbican Hall in London by the GAI/RIBA the best Architectural Ironmongery Specification Award Internationally both as a front runner winner and second place as highly commended project. Silver Shore opens an office in Abu Dhabi to support clients and projects within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  

We are looking to regularly recruit talent within our sales and marketing team to help us meet our growth strategies.

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